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Running Hit Miss John Deere Freezer

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Check out or Wagons and Sleds !Country Freezer wagon Frame for John Deere engine and 20 quart freezer

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Welcome to Country Freezer!  In 2001 I was a new old iron enthusiast that had to find an ice cream freezer to run with my newly rebuilt John Deere model E stationary hit and miss engine.   When I finally found one I bought it immediately and decided that I would put Country Freezer on the web.  Country Freezer was started by Mr. Hershberger in Ohio in 1995.  He was a dealer for White Mountain ice cream freezers and found that there was still a need for 20 quart freezers which White Mountain had discontinued. Since the Hershberger's started manufacturing 5 gallon  ice cream freezers we have found many different setups, including horse driven, water wheel freezers, electric freezers, tractor freezers but most setups are hit an miss engines.